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About Maurice (page 2)

Maurice started running a fever the night of the flu shot, which he was given Motrin to control this.  Two days later he was still running a fever so he was taken to his family doctor.  The doctor said he was probably just coming down with a cold and that he would definitely be okay by Halloween night (which was something Maurice was telling the doctor he was looking forward to).  After returning home from the doctor Maurice was in his room sitting on the bed.  No one could have ever imagined what was about to happen to Maurice.

Within 30 minutes of getting back home from the doctor’s office, Maurice’s eyes started rolling back in his head and he became stiff as a board.  He was rushed to the Emergency Room, who confirmed this had been a seizure.  He started going into constant seizures and was quickly admitted to the Intensive Care Unit where they were trying to control what was happening.  He had to undergo catskans, MRI’s, blood tests and a lot of other testing.  His brain started to swell and he was put into a medically induced coma to try and slow the swelling of the brain.  His ICP (intracranial pressure) reached dangerous levels and if Maurice was going to survive he would have to undergo a neurological surgical procedure which involved putting a shunt into the brain area to drain all of the fluid.

Even after the procedure was finished, the doctors were still saying that they did not expect him to survive.  Maurice had been put on life support and the doctors moved the nurses desk up to the room window so they could see him at all times.  It had been almost 30 days at this point. Believing in a miracle, Maurice’s Mom called in a special prayer team to come pray over Maurice.  After the visit from the prayer warriors, Maurice started slowly moving his fingers around & opening his eyelids!   After about 30 days and nights in the ICU he started waking up and moving around.  

The doctors said there would be no way of telling how severely his brain had been hurt and what neurological state he was really in for a while.  He was not responding to any commands, but he was making eye contact, smiling a little at cartoons on the TV, and tried to give a wave “bye” to a visitor leaving one day.   The doctors said it would be a long road to recovery, and didn’t know how far recovery could actually go.  They said you could never estimate the amount of permanent damage done to the brain and only time would tell.  Despite how bleak things looked in the natural, the family refused to give up hope.  

After Maurice’s 39th day in ICU he was released and transferred to Warm Springs Rehab. Hospital, where his road to recovery would begin.  He was admitted there for 30 days and nights.  They started grueling and painful therapy sessions to try and get Maurice to walk again, talk again, feed himself again, or perform any activities that he could do previous to taking the flu shot.  

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